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The Camp & Location

We offer you an authentic tented safari camp sans any headaches. Our package includes everything you would essentially need to have a concern free and totally relaxing wildlife vacation. This includes scenic location, tented accommodation, all meals, all beverages, expert wildlife guides, and safari & park fees. Get ready to witness the very best of Sri Lankan wildlife with those who know Sri Lankan wildlife best!


Our camping location is in the buffer zone of the Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s most popular wildlife park. Being situated in the buffer zone means we enjoy the same setting and habitats as the park itself. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy wildlife such as Jackals, a variety of species of birds and sometimes the occasional Elephants from the campsite itself. It also means we have an early head start in our safaris to Yala, Bundala and Lunugamwehera National Parks, thus enabling us to be amongst the first to witness the dawn breaking over the park.

Camp Ground

Our campsite clothed in cloaks of greenery and trimmed with the rugged wild environment that’s similar to the Park itself is a haven for wildlife visitors from adjoining wilderness. The campground is scenically located with strategic views of both the Indian Ocean and the jungle setting.

Sleep in Comfortable Tents

Everything you would want for a peaceful slumber under canvas! The tents are equipped with well-appointed amenities, which includes air-conditioning, actual beds, sit-outs, ensuite shower and toilet and more. In addition you will have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited music from Mother Nature’s symphony.


Our Dining Hut and Alfresco dining

The airy ‘dining hut’ with its relaxing ambience is where to enjoy some great tasting Sri Lankan dishes, freshly cooked and served by our jungle culinary team. Watch authentic Sri Lankan delicacies being prepared; learn about its goodness while you relax on the easy chairs with a chilled beer in hand.


Our team

What’s great about our team is that everybody comes from the Yala Village itself, real natives who abound with warm hospitality and genuine smiles. Their generosity comes straight from their hearts when they treat you as their own. Their goal is to make you happy and will go out of their way to fulfil your wishes, just to see you smile. This community based tourism program has given us the opportunity to provide employment opportunities and livelihoods to many living in the nearby villages, thus helping share the benefits with as many.


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